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EastEnders actor Danny Dyer's Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Message

EastEnders actor Danny Dyer's Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Message
Danny Dyer will deliver his message on Channel 4 at 3pm while the Queen delivers hers on BBC1, ITV, Sky 1 and Sky News.
(Photograph: Channel 4/PA)

Actor Danny Dyer spoke on several issues like the future of UK, the US President and about his friendship with Harold Pinter at the Alternative Christmas Message aired by Channel 4 at 3 pm on Christmas day, against the Queen’s message. Channel 4 has been producing an alternative message for the last 25 years with a celebrity or newsworthy figure to present their experience and opinion on the past year.

The Eastenders actor will share his wisdom on relationships, his views on the future of the UK, to criticize Donald Trump and will discuss his friendship with the late playwright Harold Pinter. He will also celebrate his daughter Dani Dyer’s winning Celebrity Love Island. For the last one year, the actor has repeatedly been on the headlines for his open support to Brexit and his calling the then Prime Minister David Cameron a “twat” on national television. In his message the actor will complain of Donald Trump being an “an absolute melt” and the state of the British government, “That shambles down in Westminster, what a palava that is. I mean where are our leaders? Where are they? There’s been more backstabbing than we have in Albert Square.”

Urging the public to look up to someone in their lives, he said, “That’s what I think we need more of, heroes, role models. If we need anything for 2019, it’s for each of us to find who we look up to. Could be your mum, could be your dad, your stepdad, your nan, teacher, social worker. Maybe even a handsome roguish actor off your favourite soap.” He said, his personal hero was Harold Pinter, the late playwright who took Dyer under his wings in the early 2000s, when he was new in the show business, until he got a strong foothold playing a hooligan in The Football Factory. He said that Pinter was “father figure I didn’t even know I needed” and taught him “that where I came from didn’t dictate where I went to”.

He passed Pinter’s advice to his children, he said,“I teach my girls they can be who they want to be, and I try and teach my boy to be a good man. Now don’t get me wrong, I ain’t no saint, you know, I can do better. I think we can all do better. And as dads, we can’t stop trying to do better until there’s no need for hashtags to remind us that no means no.

“Life can get a little stressful and we might get on each other’s nerves a bit, but remember how much there is to be proud of, to be grateful of, and get yourself a Harold, you know, if you can … Merry Christmas, my loves.”



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