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Robert Morris’ “Banners and Curses” at Castelli Gallery, New York

“Dust Gets in Your Eyes,” 2018, by Robert Morris, UV print on synthetic canvas, metal brackets, wire, clips, Diptych, each: 84 x 126 x 16 inches, Castelli Gallery
(Courtesy: Artist & Castelli Gallery)

Castelli Gallery, New York, is hosting “Banners and Curses,” an exhibition of new works by Robert Morris.

On view through January 25, 2019, the exhibition features two series: “Curses,” which consists of eight fiberglass and epoxy objects, and “Banners,” a series of hanging synthetic fabric pieces.

In both bodies of work, the artist produces a destabilizing synthesis of aesthetic form and political content by carefully manipulating the materials that link these two dimensions of meaning.

“’Curses’ consist of eight molded objects made of fiberglass cloth dipped in epoxy resin. While the resin is still wet, Morris shapes the fabric over a wooden box onto which he has molded politicized phrases and epithets in a clay-like material. The cloth eventually dries, retaining the form of the letters on the box as well as the pleats and billows of the draped fabric,” states the gallery press note.

For “Curses” Pepe Karmel, art historian notes that, “[t]he shimmering translucency and the lyric folds of the reliefs...belie the violence of the words semi-concealed within them. Impelling the viewer simultaneously toward rage and transcendence, they generate a kind of mental static: the hiss, pop, and crackle of severe cognitive dissonance.”

Morris’s use of fiberglass material in his “Curses” connect this series with his early minimal work. Starting in the late 1960s, Morris remade several of his geometric plywood constructions in fiberglass, both because the translucency of fiberglass gave them a unique ethereal quality. These works likewise recall Morris’s earlier series “MOLTINGSEXOSKELETONSSHROUDS” (2015) and “Boustrophedons” (2017) in which he similarly uses epoxy-saturated fabric to create three-dimensional figures that nonetheless retain the supple appearance of cloth.

“’Banners’ include eight 7 by 10 ½ foot synthetic canvases, UV printed with a montage of images evoking subjects ranging from Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos prints, to the films of Stanley Kubrick, to contemporary politics. In these pieces Robert Morris draws on two main visual references,” the gallery adds.

The mural-size of the works “Banners” takes reference from the banners frequently used as advertisement.

 “Banners and Curses” is on view through January 25, 2019 at Castelli Gallery, 18 East, 77 New York, USA.

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