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“The Enormous Crocodile” at Radio France Auditorium, Paris

“The Enormous Crocodile” at Radio France Auditorium, Paris
The Enormous Crocodile
(Courtesy:Radio France Auditorium)

Kornilios Michailidis directs the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra in a musical version of Isabelle Aboulker’s “The Enormous Crocodile” at Paris’ Radio France Auditorium on December 14 and 15.

First published in 1978, Dahl's story is set in a large and deep river of Africa where a huge and greedy crocodile is telling a smaller crocodile, that he wants to eat some children for lunch. The small crocodile says he shouldn’t and mustn’t do that, and can eat fish instead.

The crocodile then leaves the mud-spattered river and confides in the Roly-Poly Bird, Humpy Rumpy the hippopotamus, Trunky the elephant and Muggle-Wump the monkey his wish to eat children. The animals get furious on hearing this insult and wish that the mean crocodile fails and get killed himself; but the crocodile replies back to them saying that he’s drawn up secret plans and developed some cunning tricks. The House of Radio says that “This version of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ by Aboulker is pure happiness and a delicious treat for children.”

The program will have Gael Kamilindi of the Comedie-Francaise reciting, along with Soprano Anne Baquet, Tenor Yves Coudray and Baritone Yann Toussaint. As for the music orchestration, Marie-Noelle Maerten will conduct the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra. With her extensive work with children, French Composer Isabelle Aboulker has created numerous musical pieces which not just appeal to them, but also encourage for participation. Her “Les Fables Enchantees,” remains an all time favorite among children.

Her other musical subjects have included “Cindrella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Tom Thumb (Petit Poucet).”

In her version of “The Enormous Crocodile,” Aboulker has re-imagined Dahl’s story with a girl sitting by the side of the lake on a hot summer day, as she often did during her holidays. She preferred to isolate herself to the south, and read her favorite authors- Dickens, Bronte or Austen. On one such day, as her brown curls and green dress fluttered in the wind, the girl, deeply immersed in reading heard a distant voice that seemed to be repeating what she was mumbling. Someone else was there; this was her first encounter with the enormous crocodile. The conversation that ensued between the girl and the crocodile makes for the narrative of this musical piece.

The concert is on December 14, 2018 and December 15, 2018 at Radio France Auditorium, Radio House, 116 President Kennedy Avenue, 75016 Paris

For details, visit https://www.maisondelaradio.fr