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Nissa Raad’s “The Sweetness of Lemons” at Dirimart, Istanbul

“NR08,” 2018 Nissa Raad Mixed media on canvas 120 x 150 cm
(Courtesy of the artist and gallery)

Nissa Raad’s “The Sweetness of Lemons” hosted by Dirimart, Istanbul embraces spontaneity and the freedom of Abstraction. The exhibition is on view through November 4, 2018.

Born in Amman in 1981, Nissa Raad is a self-taught artist who has always been heavily inspired by her late grandmother, the celebrated artist Fahrelnissa Zeid. As written on her official website, “Mixed media, vibrant colors, and bold lines are ubiquitous in her work which is often described as ‘lighthearted, whimsical, and happy."

“Raad’s works emphasize more on the artistic process rather than the final product. Through a series of impulsive and random action, she methodologically creates layers leading to the final product. She then re-examines the outputs in the end, and looks for what is of value and what is not necessary. The result of this examination is multi-layered organic forms with rich texture,” the gallery says.

According to the official release, the artist says, “This pleasantly challenging process is repeated several times, layer after layer of chaos followed by ‘sanity,’ until the work tells me that it is complete.”

Optimism and positivity is what is highlighted in the paintings showcased in this exhibition. “Raad makes the best of chaos or adversity in circumstances beyond control, and therefore seeks value, light, color, humor, joy, and beauty in her paintings. The ‘search’ for sweetness amid life’s sourness becomes a must — the artist expresses, and ponders chaotic canvases, searching for what is essential and beautiful. Texture, an important component of her works, is employed extensively in this exhibition, and the result is layered, complex, but happy, and fresh artworks, ‘just like lemonade,’” states the release.

Nissa Raad (b. 1981, Amman), completed her MSc at University College London Department of Urban Design in 2004, after graduating from Brown University History Department in 2002. She started a career in visual arts, which has been her passion since childhood. The artist lives and works in Amman. She has had very successful solo exhibitions in Amman and in Istanbul, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions both locally and internationally, as well as several art charity events.


This exhibition is on view from September 21 through November 4, 2018 at Dirimart, Harbiye Mahallesi. Abdi İpekci Cad.No: 7/4, Nişantaşı 34367, İstanbul / TR.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

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