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Vivian Tsao’s “Rhythm of Light: From Jeddah to New York” at Tenri Cultural Institute, New York

“The Poet,” 1978, by Vivian Tsao, Pastel, 17 x 23 inches, Copyright © 2018 by Vivian Tsao, Tenri Cultural Institute
(Courtesy: Vivian Tsao)

“Rhythm of Light: From Jeddah to New York” at Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, is hosting a solo exhibition of paintings by New York based artist Vivian Tsao.

On view through September 18, the retrospective exhibition — works in oil and pastel — explores and expresses the nuanced, intimate light in her journey.

“The piece ‘Jeddah Reflection’ was created during my second visit to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1985. It captured the image reflected on the dark glass wall of the balcony of our apartment. The sunny scene of the Saudi kids in the field juxtaposed the image of the observer in the shade,” the artist says.

“Jeddah Reflection” is shown for the first time.

 An important image for the show, “Self Portrait with Veil,” was captured by the artist when she first arrived in Jeddah.

“The exhibition also includes two books authored by her: ‘The Mark of Time: Interviews with Vivian Tsao on Art in New York’ in Chinese consists of in-depth interviews with Western art figures such as Hilton Kramer, Antonio Lopez Garcia and Philip Pearlstein. The bilingual book ‘Paintings by Vivian Tsao’ was authored by David Cohen and Vivian Tsao. It was published by the National Museum of History in Taiwan on the occasion of her invitational solo show in 2009,” the institute writes.

Vivian Tsao left her native Taiwan for graduate studies in painting at Carnegie Mellon University. Now a resident of New York City, she has lived in the Middle East and in Europe. Tsao has exhibited her works in major venues such as the American Academy of Arts and Letters, Brooklyn Museum and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

In 1985, Tsao was a recipient of the prestigious New York State Council on the Arts “Artist-in-Residence” Award.

Tenri Cultural Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 1991. The mission of the Institute is to promote the study of Japanese language, the appreciation of international art forms, and to foster understanding and harmony in the community.

Through its diverse programs, the Institute hopes to draw together the multi-ethnic people of New York City to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and exchange.

The Institute is comprised of Tenri School of Japanese Language and Tenri Gallery.

 “Rhythm of Light: From Jeddah to New York” is on view through September 18, 2018 at Tenri Cultural Institute, 43a West 13th Street, New York, USA.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.                              

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