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Joseph Kosuth and Arte Povera at Mazzoleni, London

Colour in Contextual Play. An Installation by Joseph Kosuth/Neon in Contextual Play: Joseph Kosuth and Arte Povera
(Mazzoleni, London)

Mazzoleni, Turin presents a double exhibition — “Color in Contextual Play: An Installation by Joseph Kosuth” and “Neon in Contextual Play: Joseph Kosuth and Arte Povera.”

“Color in Contextual Play” is curated by Cornelia Lauf and includes works by Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Piero Manzoni, and Kosuth himself. This exhibition showcases monochrome works of the artists along with Kosuth’s works from the 1968 series ‘Art as Idea as Idea’ which deals in interrelation between art, words, and objects. Kosuth places a specific coloured object at a specific site, along with pieces of the same color from other artists, thus presenting color as a context, rather than as a means of production.

The exhibition juxtaposes photographs of dictionary definitions of different unique words that he deals with in the theme including ‘meaning’ and ‘idea.’ For “Color in Contextual Play” Kosuth shapes his installations according to a color grading and colours his installations with their shades apart from using them just as tools of the art. In doing so, he places ‘white,’ ‘black,’ ‘grey,’ ‘red,’ ‘green,’ ‘yellow,’ and ‘violet’ juxtaposing with works of other artists in the same range of colors. This sends a powerful message in using colors where the presence and absence of it is rendered to be a theoretical and aesthetic consideration in all his works on display. The artists featured add on to the uncompromising analysis of the contexts and concepts of structures interrogating the nature of the space they collaborate, the color they use and are combined through the forms they show as well as the time they portray.

The parallel exhibition “Neon in Contextual Play” is devised by Joseph Kosuth especially for the Mazzoleni Turin space and installed in the ground floor space, focused on the use of Neon in the work of Joseph Kosuth and selected Arte Povera artists like Mario Merz, Pier Paolo Calzolari, and Emilio Prini. The exhibition is focused on the use of neon in the works of Joseph Kosuth as well as selected Arte Povera artists who have exhibited their works in the space including Mario Merz (1925-2003), Pier Paolo Calzolari (b. 1943), and Emilio Prini (1943-2016).
The two exhibitions together examine thoroughly the connections created from the dissemination of words, objects, color, and light that engender new perspectives and interaction between language and reality.

Through the double exhibitions, the artists explore the relationship between color, space, words, and objects and challenge the viewers to take part in the exploration and have a dialogue with the creations.

The exhibitions are on view through January 20, 2018 at Mazzoleni, Piazza Solferino, Turin.

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