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Jim Carrey is an Obsessed Painter and He’s Selling His Work

Jim Carrey is an Obsessed Painter and He’s Selling His Work
Jim Carrey
(Signature Galleries)

A whole host of Hollywood celebrities have emerged in recent years as wannabe fine artists, including the likes of Johnny Depp, Sylvester Stallone, Dennis Hopper, Miley Cyrus, and James Franco, to name just a few. And the latest Hollywood start to hit the art world headlines thanks to his fine art exploits is none other than Jim Carrey, who has in fact been showcasing his prowess with a print brush on his twitter feed for quite a while.

And now, thanks to Signature Galleries in Los Vegas, Carrey’s paintings and limited editions will be available to buy for the first time at a special art event on September 23. But don’t expect to just rock up, tickets to the event are $10,000 per couple, the entire amount of which buys you a Jim Carrey artwork of your choice. You’ll also get to see Jim Carrey, who will be in attendance, and be plied with cocktails, hors d’overs, and live entertainment.

Carrey’s vibrant and colorful, Pop style paintings are actually pretty good. Think of a cross between Warhol and Matisse and you have an idea of his aesthetic. There’s also a bit of Lichtenstein in some works, which include text elements. Carrey share his passion for painting and sculpture as well as his love for color in a short documentary titled “Jim Carrey: I Needed Color,” in which the artist talks about his obsession with art and his influences and motivation.

“What you do in life chooses you,” he says in the video. You can choose not to do it. You can choose to try do something safer. Your vocation chooses you. When I really started painting a lot I had become so obsessed that there was nowhere to move in my home. Paintings were everywhere. They were becoming part of the furniture. I was eating on them. I found myself looking around at on point at really bleak winter in New York, and it was so depressing. And I think I needed color.”

In another video by Signature Galleries, Carrey says: “The most important about art is to bring people into presence. When I paint and sculpt it stops the world for me, as if all time has been suspended. My spirit is completely engaged, my heart is engaged, my heart is engaged, and I feel completely free. I think I just like creating. All of it is a portal into present, into absolute, quiet, gentle, stillness. This involvement, this presence, is freedom from concern. That’s harmony with the universe.”

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo.

JC Art Show Tease Trailer from JC on Vimeo.