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Buyer's Guide to Impressionist & Modern Art Week London
Buyer's Guide to Impressionist & Modern Art Week London
Mandy Patinkin Interview: “Homeland,” Music and More
Why the intense, soul-baring star of “Homeland” feels the need to lighten up.
“Artful Words” at J. Paul Getty Museum
The museum celebrates decorated manuscripts from the Middle Ages.
Top Artists and Top Artworks Featuring in Phillips NEW YORK: New Now — February 27, 2019
Phillips NEW YORK: New Now — February 27, 2019
Among the top visual arts headlines today: Liebieghaus sculpture museum acquires more than 200 ivory sculptures.
Alessandro Mendini, the renowned Italian architect and designer known for his famous Proust Armchair and the Groninger Museum, has passed away aged 87.
UK-based production company Fable Pictures has secured the TV rights to the life stories of iconic British sisters Joan Collins and Jackie Collins, the late bestselling novelist.
What: Asian & European Fine Works of Art Where: Madison Square Gallery, Inc.; 40W 25th Street, Unit 205, New York, NY 10010, United States When: March 3
Carlos Urroz, the director of ARCOmadrid fair, shares his perspective on the local art scene as well as his list of top things to see and do in Madrid.

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Top Artists

François Boucher, 1703

François Boucher

Occupation: Painter, Tapestry Designer Movement: Rococo François Boucher's...

John Chamberlain, 1927

John Chamberlain

Occupation: Sculptor Movement: Abstract Expressionism; Neo-Dadaism ...

Arshile Gorky, 1904

Arshile Gorky

Occupation: Painter Movement: Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism Arshile...

Giovanni Boldini, 1842

Giovanni Boldini

Occupation: Painting Movement: Realism, Impressionism, Genre, Portrait...

Jan van Goyen, 1596

Jan van Goyen

Occupation: Painter, Engraver Movement: Dutch Golden Age Jan van Goyen's...

Robert Ryman, 1930

Robert Ryman

Occupation: Painting, Conceptual Art Movement: Monochrome Painting,...

Felix Vallotton, 1865

Felix Vallotton

Occupation: Painter, Printmaker, Art Critic Movement: Les Nabis Education: ...

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, 1836

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Occupation: Painter Movement: Impressionism Joseph-Jacques Tissot's Famous...

Alfons Karpinski, 1875

Alfons Karpinski

Occupation: Painter Education: Krakowskiej Szkole Sztuk Pięknych, Krakow;...

John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1836

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Occupation: Painter Movement: Victorian John Atkinson Grimshaw's Famous...