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Top Artists and Top Artworks Featuring in Sotheby’s NEW YORK: The Collection of Anne H. & Frederick Vogel III — January 19, 2019
Sotheby’s NEW YORK: The Collection of Anne H. & Frederick Vogel III — January 19, 2019
SIHH: Times are Changing
SIHH, the leading tradeshow for traditional watchmakers in Geneva responds to a shifting...
Claude Lalanne on the Legacy of Les Lalanne
The Lalannes were a couple whose work flowed from their relationship, but who maintained...
Auction Preview — Analytical Insights — Sotheby’s New York Important Americana, January 17 and 20, 2019
Sotheby’s New York Important Americana, January 17 and 20
What: Israeli & International Art Where: Tiroche Auction House, Kikar de Shalit, Herzeliya, 46755, Israel When: Jan 26, 4:30 PM GMT
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is going to design a 700-meter tall skyscraper in Shenzhen, China.
The mother of James Bulger, the two-year old who was murdered in 1993 in Liverpool, criticizes and protests against the Oscar nominations of the short film ‘Detainment’.
What: Estates and Collections Where: Clearmont Auctions, PO Box 40403, Brooklyn, NY 11204, United States When: Jan 25, 2:00 PM GMT
Local art patron Susan Swig gives a tour of the city she calls home.

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Top Artists

Arshile Gorky, 1904

Arshile Gorky

Occupation: Painter Movement: Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism Arshile...

Giovanni Boldini, 1842

Giovanni Boldini

Occupation: Painting Movement: Realism, Impressionism, Genre, Portrait...

Robert Ryman, 1930

Robert Ryman

Occupation: Painting, Conceptual Art Movement: Monochrome Painting,...

Felix Vallotton, 1865

Felix Vallotton

Occupation: Painter, Printmaker, Art Critic Movement: Les Nabis Education: ...

James Jacques Joseph Tissot, 1836

James Jacques Joseph Tissot

Occupation: Painter Movement: Impressionism Joseph-Jacques Tissot's Famous...

Alfons Karpinski, 1875

Alfons Karpinski

Occupation: Painter Education: Krakowskiej Szkole Sztuk Pięknych, Krakow;...

John Atkinson Grimshaw, 1836

John Atkinson Grimshaw

Occupation: Painter Movement: Victorian John Atkinson Grimshaw's Famous...

Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin, 1861

Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin

Occupation: Painting Movement: Impressionism Konstantin Korovin's Famous...

Hubert Robert, 1733

Hubert Robert

Occupation: Painter Movement: Veduti, Capricci, Rococo Hubert Robert's...

Joseph Vernet, 1714

Joseph Vernet

Occupation: Painter Movement: Landscape and Marine Claude-Joseph Vernet's...