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Art Basel Hong Kong 2019: What to Expect
As the fair gears up for its 7th edition, Valencia Tong previews the various sections and...
Buyer’s Guide to Prints & Multiples Week London
Buyer’s Guide to Prints & Multiples Week London
Art Dubai: A Fair at the Crossroads
The international director of Art Dubai, Chloe Vaitsou, talks about its place in the...
Top Artists and Top Artworks Featuring in Phillips LONDON Important Design — March 21, 2019
Top Artists and Top Artworks Featuring in Phillips LONDON Important Design — March 21,...
What: Fine Books, Manuscripts and Works on Paper Where: Forum Auctions, 220 Queenstown Road, London SW8 4LP, UK When: 28 March, 01.00 PM GMT
British designer Thomas Heatherwick’s giant honeycomb-like sculpture at New York’s Hudson Yards, "Vessel," has opened to the public.
Anton Chekov’s “Three Sisters” to be staged at the Almeida Theatre, London by Rebecca Frecknall.
What: Impressionist and Modern Art Where: Sotheby’s; 76, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, CS 10010, 75384 Paris Cedex 08, Paris France When: March 29; 02:30 PM GMT
The artistic director of Art Dubai, Pablo del Val, shares his view of the soul of this rising city and talks about what’s new for the 2019 edition of the fair.

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Top Artists

James Ensor, 1860

James Ensor

Occupation: Painter Movement: Symbolism; Expressionism Education: Academie...

Jan Davidsz de Heem, 1606

Jan Davidsz de Heem

Occupation: Painting Movement: Baroque Jan Davidsz de Heem’s Famous...

Jan van Huysum, 1682

Jan van Huysum

Occupation: Painter Jan van Huysum’s Famous Artworks "Vase of Flowers,"...

Jean Antoine Watteau, 1684

Jean Antoine Watteau

Occupation: Painter, Architect Movement: Rococo Jean-Antoine Watteau’s...

Adrien-Jean le Mayeur, 1880

Adrien-Jean le Mayeur

Occupation: Painter Adrien-Jean le Mayeur’s Famous Artworks “Ni...

Joaquin Torres-Garcia, 1874

Joaquin Torres-Garcia

Occupation: Painter, Sculptor, Writer, Teacher Movement: Constructive...

John Ferneley, 1782

John Ferneley

Occupation: Painter Education: Royal Academy School, London John...

John William Godward, 1861

John William Godward

Occupation: Painter Movement: Pre-Raphaelite, Neo-Classicism John William...

John William Waterhouse, 1849

John William Waterhouse

Occupation: Painting Movement: Pre-Raphaelite John William Waterhouse’s...

Joseph Henry Sharp, 1859

Joseph Henry Sharp

Occupation: Painter Movement: Taos Society of Artists Joseph Henry Sharp’s...