VIDEO: Trenton Doyle Hancock's “Radical Autobiography”

Still image of Trenton Doyle

Artist and contemporary mythologist Trenton Doyle Hancock recently opened his fifth solo show with James Cohan Gallery, “…And Then It All Came Back To Me.” The exhibition of brightly colored, meticulously rendered, multi-layered paintings will be familiar to those who know the artist's work; but the largely autobiographical subject of the series is a departure from the Tolkein-esque cast of characters he's been most known for. Through reimagined patterns of his grandmother’s kitchen floor to visual survey of ladders in his childhood landscape, Doyle explores himself as the root character in the mythology that has grounded his work. During a walk-through on the show that the artist gave ARTINFO last week, he spoke about the future of the mounds and the vegans, what it’s like to create paintings from memory, and his new experiences in using himself as a subject.