See the Rebel Glory of Johnny Cash, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladies at London's "20th Century Icons" Show

The European cover for Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland" LP
(© David Montgomery)

Whetherit's David Montgomery's 1968 photograph of 19 girls in the nude for Jimi Hendrix's "Electric Ladyland"European album cover, or Paul Joyce's 1968 shotof Jane Fonda in her "Barbarella" costume, there's no doubting photography'spower when pop culture is the subject. Together, the two evokememories and define history.


To celebrate their 15th anniversary, London's Proud Galleries — which focuses on bringing "the very best in high qualityphotography to the mainstream market"  —  went through its pastexhibitions, diving deep into the archive to come up with the best photographsfor the Chelsea location's summer show, "20th Century Icons."


Travel through acollection of photographs that commemorate the 1900s, from a 1964 photo byGered Mankowitz of Marianne Faithfull in a Salisbury Pub, to a1976 Joyce image of photographers Ansel Adams, Bill Brandt and Brassaïsitting like chummy old men a Victoria and Albert Museum garden. Images of Bob Dylan, Blondie, Frank Sinatra, and Johnny Cash also highlight the exhibition.

With such a largecollection of photographs, visitors will have no problemfinding one that resonates. But don't put off seeing "20th CenturyIcons" for too long; the show only runs through September 11.

Click on the gallery at left to see images from the Proud Galleries' "20th Century Icons."