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    Best Time to Visit

    Summer is best avoided not for the heat people expect, but abundant rain, leading to low hotel prices, but evenings in winter are equally surprisingly chilly. Best then to stop by in May, when temperatures are in the pleasant mid 20s C/ 70s F.

    What to Pack

    Warmer clothes than you think you’ll need, and a rainproof option too. Be sure to drink bottled water only and not tap water, and pick up a Spanish-language phrasebook if you don’t know the language already, to ensure you gel more with the locals.

    General Tips

    Mexico City’s collection of art dates back centuries, from pre-Hispanic times through to the present day, proving the importance of art in understanding past cultures. Visitors can witness this first hand at museums such as Templo Mayor, and the National Museum of Anthropology.

    The Museo Nacional de Arte holds a wide selection through important religious works, though the Metropolitan Cathedral itself displays gems by some of the most important artists.

    The 1800s are best represented at the National Museum of San Carlos, and post-revolution Mexican works can be seen at the Dolores Olmedo – though many murals are still on building sides at the Palacio de Bellas Artes and National Palace. The Museo Tamayo and Museo de Arte Moderno represent modern art.

    Important fairs include February’s Material Mexico City, June’s Zona Maco, and October’s Affordable Art Fair. Be sure to check out one of Mexico City Philharmonic, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the National Autonomous University of Mexico or the National Symphony Orchestra when in town.

    UNAM International Film Festival starts late February, with Mexico International Film Festival following in May each year.

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News & Features
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Labor, Mexico City, presents the film “Incomplt,” by Milan-based artist Etienne Chambaud, through January 14, 2017.
Hotels & Resorts
Boutique | Mid-range
Full of Aztec-inspired geometric decorations.
Luxury | High-end
Located in the heart of the commercial area.
Business | High-end
A business hotel on the German Viaduct.
Luxury | High-end
A reflection of elegance and good taste.
Luxury | High-end
One of the country's top 15 hotels.
Classic stands of vegetables, meats & sweets.
Japanese | High-end
An omakase menu of 9-10 courses.
French | Budget
An authentic bistro for eating rich.
Japanese | Mid-range
A specialty is the teppanyaki rib-eye.
Italian | Mid-range
One of the great minds of Mexican cuisine.
Fashion | Mid-range
When shoes are an obsession …
Jewelry | High-end
From Georgina Valdez and Joana Duarte.
Household | Mid-range
Textile products inspired by nature.
Fashion | High-end
Pieces for the classic woman.
Jewelry | Mid-range
Handmade jewelry combining relics and rituals.