April 2016

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    Reimagining the cut-up technique, Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian in Dubai, Alex Bag takes on the cult of youth, Zach Bruder’s “semiskilled” solo at LaMaMa Galleria, Ann Hirsch, Matthew Craven, and more

  • David Hammons

    An appreciation of the elusive artist

    By Courtney Willis Blair

  • Ben Vida

    Visualizing sound and stretching the voice

    By Thea Ballard

  • Alex Becerra

    Taking “bad painting” very seriously

    By Michael Slenske

  • Spotlight

    Neil Jenney and West Broadway Gallery

    By Scott Indrisek

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    Maggie Lee

    By Thea Ballard

  • Adam Pendleton

    An exclusive project

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    Michelle Papillion

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    Matthew Ronay

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    Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room

  • Out There

    A conceptual Marcel Broodthaers fan club



Glasgow International: A Citywide Biennial Returns

BY Scott Indrisek, Modern Painters | April 04, 2016

Fancy the chance to see “crypto conceptual science fiction anti-climax band” Asparagus Piss Raindrop; the brilliantly surreal films of Mika Rottenberg; work from Claire... Read More »