Clip Art: Inventive Videos From Rye Rye, Lil B, Ceremony, and More

Film still from Ceremony's music video for "Adult"

Every Friday ARTINFO video editor Tom Chen, photo editor Micah Schmidt, and performing arts editor Nick Catucci choose five of the most visually engaging music videos from the previous week. Here are descriptions and a slideshow of stills linking to the full clips, plus highlights from each in video supercut. Today ...

A woman digs deep for transcendence in Ceremony’s “Adult.”

Keaton Henson’s “Small Hands” shows a fake forest teeming with life.

Rye Rye vies for gaudiest video of the year with “Boom Boom.”

The shirts come off and joints come out in Chief Keef’s “I Don't Like,” featuring Lil Reese.

In “Bout Dat Wo,” a shirtless Lil B accesorizes with a pink bandana and a shotgun.

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