Cricket Legend Glenn Mcgrath Turns Gallerist in Sydney

Cricket Legend Glenn Mcgrath Turns Gallerist in Sydney
Glenn Mcgrath and Sara Leonardi-Mcgrath
(Picture: Gibson Nic Source: The Daily Telegraph)

In a move that has excited the Australian art world, former Australian cricket player Glenn Mcgrath AM and wife Sara Leonardi-Mcgrath are opening a new commercial art gallery in the Sydney suburb of Chippendale.

Due to open on the 15th of May, Mclemoi Gallery will be run by Leonardi-Mcgrath and managed by her best friend Kristia Moises who ran her own art consultancy in America before making the move to Australia to manage the new gallery.  Although Glenn will not be involved in the day-to-day affairs of the gallery, Sara is adamant that it is very much a joint venture.

Named using the first letters from the surnames of each of the three gallery partners (Glenn Mcgrath, Sara Leonardi-Mcgrath and Kristia Moises), the gallery’s inaugural exhibition will be the first solo exhibition in Australia of American sculptor and photographer Luis Gispert

Titled Decepción, the exhibition features a body of work produced by Gispert over a 2-year period during which the artist sought out individuals in the United States that collect and/or craft unique customised vehicles in their backyards.  

An exploration in sociology, Gispert’s images create a conversation between the classic landscapes and contemporary urban aesthetics by fusing photos of the interiors of customised vehicles with amazing landscape scenes framed by the vehicle’s windscreen and side windows.

According to a gallery press release, “the vehicles’ interiors were the project’s initial focus and the windshields viewpoint provides a frame for a transcendent landscape, which were shot independently.  Their union creates a conversation between the classic landscapes and contemporary urban aesthetics.”

Mcgrath married Leonardi in November 2010 after losing his first wife Jane Mcgrath to breast cancer in 2008. Leonardi-Mcgrath is also an avid foodie who has her own blog called The Mcgrath’s Kitchen.

Decepción will be open to the public from May 15 - June 16, 2012 at 45 Chippendale St, Chippendale