30 Superstar Celebrity Art Collectors and the Art They Love, From Bowie's Balthus to Brangelina's Banksy

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
(Getty Images)

Art collecting is a hobby that requires a significant amount of cash — and Hollywood has it. Add to that a certain air of intelligence and immortality lent by displaying a Picasso or Hirst in your living room and it is no wonder that many celebrities turn to art collecting after their careers take off. Attend a contemporary auction at one of the big houses — Christie's, Sotheby's, or Phillips de Pury — and you are likely to see more than one familiar Hollywood face in the audience (though the celebrity is generally hiding behind a suave dealer, visage obscured by a baseball cap).

More often, though, they buy their art through private backchannels during off-hours, and the only time evidence of their collecting habits will become public is when they do the obligatory Hollywood Hills house tour with Architectural Digest. Nevertheless, keep your eyes peeled for the wayward actors and former First Daughters at the fairs this week, because they do occasionally venture into the belly of the beast. To help you decide who to look out for, ARTINFO has assembled this handy list of who some of the most interesting bold-faced names are, and what they collect.

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