Clip Art: Inventive Videos From Gorillaz, Sophia Knapp, Grimes and More

Film still from Sophia Knapp's "In Paper"
(Courtesy Drag City Records)

It’s only getting easier and cheaper to make a music video these days — and all the more important, as artists compete to be heard, largely without the benefit of big pushes from major labels. For those reasons, the music video has undergone something of a mini-renaissance. Every week ARTINFO video editor Tom Chen, photo editor Micah Schmidt, and performing arts editor Nick Catucci will choose five of the most visually engaging music clips from the previous few days, presenting highlights from each in a video supercut, and a slideshow of stills that link back to the full videos.

This week:

Gorillaz bring their avatars to life in “DoYaThing.”

Sophia Knapp takes her rain cloud for a walk in “In Paper.”

Ssion throw a sexy/hilarious party for “My Love Grows in the Dark.”

Grimes hangs tough at the big game in “Oblivion.”

Alex Winston experiences indigestion in “Fire Ant.”

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