Strong Aussie Dollar Brings International Art Dealer Back Home

Strong Aussie Dollar Brings International Art Dealer Back Home
Roger McIlroy

The strong Australian dollar has brought well known international art dealer Roger McIlroy back to Australia where he will take up the position of head auctioneer at Australian auction house Deutscher and Hackett.  Replacing the outgoing head auctioneer Anita Archer, McIlroy will begin his new role in April when he will conduct Deutscher and Hackett’s Aboriginal and Oceanic art auction. 

Having spent the last few years between London and Australia as part of the Nevill Keating McIlroy art dealer partnership, McIlroy made the decision to separate from the partnership due partly to the strong Australian dollar and the resultant exchange rates. According to McIlroy, "We decided last year that with the strong Australian dollar and resultant exchange rates, that it was not worth trying to run the one global business Nevill Keating McIlroy Ltd.  It was logical to separate and run two different businesses Roger McIlroy Pty Ltd and Nevill Keating Pictures Ltd. Nothing else has changed and we still do business together when appropriate and discuss opportunities often. Of course the separation means we can pursue interests of our own".  The offer of the position at Deutscher and Hackett was timely for McIlroy who was missing the theatre and excitement of the rostrum.

A former Chairman of Christie's Australia, McIlroy is very familiar with the auction industry in Australia and will undoubtedly be a great asset for Deutscher and Hackett.  While with Christie’s he presided over many significant and record-breaking auctions including The Collection of Sir Leon and Lady Trout (1989), Alan Bond’s Dallhold Collection (1992), The Harold E. Mertz Collection of Australian Art (2000), The W.R. Burge Collection (2006) and numerous major auctions in Asia. 

Since Christie’s exited the Australian art market a number of years ago, McIlroy has built a highly distinguished art consultancy in Australian and International works of art advising leading collectors both private and institutional.  Roger will continue to independently operate his privately owned Australian and International art dealing and consultancy business (

Chris Deutscher, executive director of Deutscher and Hackett, had this to say about his new auctioneer: “During his many years as Chairman of Christie’s Australia, Roger gained a reputation as Australia’s most popular art auctioneer.  I am sure that many collectors will warmly welcome his return to the rostrum”