Claw Money Is the Latest Artist in the Andaz 5th Avenue Hotel's Installation Series

Claw Money at her painted entrance to the Andaz's downstairs bar
(Courtesy Andaz 5th Avenue)

What’s your view of New York today? The Andaz 5th Avenue hotel asked four artists that question for its tbd series, a yearlong rotation of art installations curated by the SA Studios Artist Collective. The hotel photographs the artworks, which are displayed on the doors leading to the bar downstairs, and creates limited-edition postcards sold at the bar. The proceeds go to charity.

For its third installment, which went up on February 12 and runs through June, Claudia Gold, better known as Claw Money, emblazoned the entrance with her iconic graffiti claw. Guests and passersby had the chance to watch Gold at work. Other participants in the series included pop artist M.Dreeland and tattoo and graffiti artist Mister Cartoon. Next up? Optical artist John Hung Ha. We wonder how his signature koi fish might fit in with New York as he sees it.