How to Curate Your Own Luncheon on the Grass, or Beach

For all those upcoming golden summer afternoons lounging on an Eric Fischl-like beach or rowing one’s canoe up to an Alex Katz-ian summer cottage, ARTINFO has provided a trove of artist-crafted and art-inspired accessories. While fewer items of clothing may be required for the Fischl scenario, what balmy backyard romp or sandy waterside picnic couldn’t use a pick-me-up in the form of fine-art lawn games, furniture, and table settings?

Dig into a refreshing and decadent dessert the likes of which even Thiebaud never imagined, dress up like one of Rineke Dijkstra’s youthful bathing beauties, pull up a Franz West Uncle Chair, and sip some lemonade from An Oak Tree (as long as it was made by Michael Craig-Martin). If you top your beverage off with some Van Gogh vodka, ARTINFO promises not to tell.