Movie List: Must-Watch Films You Might Have Missed

Movie List: Must-Watch Films You Might Have Missed
Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig in "Frances Ha."
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It’s the first day of a new year. Time to start catching up on all the things you missed last year! The first should be movies. Many of the awards contenders of 2013 are probably still in theaters, where they are attempting to get in front of your eyeballs before the Oscars and the Golden Globes. But did you know that a big chunk of 2013’s best films, many of which stand tall on the best-of-the-year lists (including ARTINFO’s own Graham Fuller), are available to you right now? For free? Well, sort of. You have to have Netflix. Which you pay for. So it’s not really free at all. But it’s cheap! And you most likely have it, because who doesn’t have Netflix these days? So to get you started off on the right foot (and since you’re probably spending the first day of 2014 on the couch nursing a hangover), we’ve chosen the best movies of the past year that are currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailers for each of our selections below, and click on the title of the film to find it on Netflix. 

"Our Nixon" - Directed by Penny Lane

"Post Tenebras Lux" - Directed by Carlos Reygadas

"Frances Ha" - Directed by Noah Baumbach

"Side Effects" Directed by Steven Soderbergh

"Crystal Fairy" - Directed by Sebastian Silva

"To the Wonder" - Directed by Terrence Malick

"Something in the Air" - Directed by Olivier Assayas

"Computer Chess" - Directed by Andrew Bujalski

"Upstream Color" - Directed by Shane Caruth

"Room 237" - Directed by Rodney Ascher