Ai Weiwei To Remotely Curate Show of Hong Kong Artists

Ai Weiwei To Remotely Curate Show of Hong Kong Artists
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is the curator for restaurant-gallery Duddell's third art exhibition

HONG KONG — Chinese artist Ai Weiwei will be the curator of Hong Kong gallery-restaurant Duddell’s third art exhibition, said Duddell’s founder, Alan Lo.

The exhibition will open on November 5, showcasing a series of two-dimensional art pieces by Hong Kong artists chosen by Ai. The not-yet-finalized list has ten names so far, including Angela Su, the street artist Frog King and the conceptual artist Kingsley Ng, whose works are currently on view at Espace Louis Vuitton’s “A Conceptual Walkthrough” until January 2014.

Although Ai cannot visit Hong Kong in person – his passport has been taken away since his detention in 2011 – he will still participate physically, said Lo. Artworks for the exhibition have already been created and Ai will frame them, possibly with unique designs for each.

In the meantime, Duddell’s is also planning to line up a “Tweetup” meeting with the artist, in which art fans can interact in real time with China’s most famous dissident artist via Twitter.

The all-Hong Kong showcase will run from November 5 until February 2014, with a section ofDuddell's top floor serving as the exhibition space.