VIDEO: Lalanne's Grazing Sheep Take Over NYC Gas Station

You’re more likely riding a horse than in a car if you need to refuel at the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood. A former Getty gas station has been purchased and is slated for a new high-rise condominium project. But during the transition, an eye-catching public art project has sprouted up to the delight of passersby. Mounted around the gas pumps are actual rolling hills of grass and perched upon them — 25 epoxy and bronze sheep created by the late François-Xavier Lalanne. And what barn scene wouldn’t be complete without a white picket fence?

Michael Shvo, founder of Shvo Real Estate, has partnered with some galleries in the area, including Paul Kasmin, to put up public installations during the condo construction process. “The Sheep Station” was the first to open Tuesday. The sheep will continue grazing on the pump-punctuated grassy knoll  through October 20.  You can see what everyone is saying about the installtion at the Twitter hashtag  #GettyStation.