Premiere: Superchunk's "Staying Home" Music Video From Taiyo Kimura

Premiere: Superchunk's "Staying Home" Music Video From Taiyo Kimura
(Photo by Jason Arthurs courtesy of Merge Records)

ARTINFO is excited to premiere the music video for Superchunk’s “Staying Home,” a blistering song off their new album, “I Hate Music.” Directed by conceptual artist Taiyo Kimura, whose work has been exhibited at the Istanbul Biennial, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and PS1 in New York, among many other places, the video is a surreal, frenzied, and hilarious interpretation of the song.

Singer Mac McCaughan first saw Kimura’s work at the Branch Gallery in Durham, North Carolina, home of Merge Records, the label he co-founded with Superchunk bassist Laura Ballance. After hanging out with the artist while the band was on tour in Tokyo, and running into him recently at an opening for the artist Wangechi Mutu at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, Kimura was a natural choice when they were thinking about music videos for the new record.

“I sent Taiyo the record, and he listened to it and suggested a couple different songs,” McCaughan said in a phone conversation. “But that song in particular I think had the kind of energy that I associate with his videos.”

Kimura’s work has a handmade quality in the best possible sense, using objects around the house — in this case, a pile of clothes, window blinds, and fruit — as raw material for his comically intense and bizarre collages. “He always manages to do this thing in videos where you kind of think you know what you’re looking at,” McCaughan adds, “then you realize you’re not sure what you’re looking at”

After watching the video, where a paper cutout mask of McCaughan is used to do some unsavory things, we had to ask: What was his reaction?

“We didn’t talk about any ideas, and when Taiyo sent it he warned me, like, ‘At one point, there’s someone wearing a mask of you, I’m eating curry out of a toilet,’ something like that [laughs]. I was like, well, we’ll just have to wait and see [laughs]. People around the office are like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about eating out of a toilet now.’”

Along with the video for “Me & You & Jackie Mittoo,” directed by Phil Morrison (“Junebug”), the first single off their new album, the band seems intent on avoiding the traditional modes of music video production, instead working in collaboration with artists they admire in an effort to produce more personal and singular videos.

“I’m excited we’re even able to make videos,” McCaughan says. “There was a 10 year period there, after MTV went away but before the rise of the Internet, that a lot of bands weren’t making videos at all.”

Superchunk will soon embark on tour. Click here for tour dates.

Watch the video below: