VIDEO: Popular 'Carhenge' Art Installation Given to City

The Nebraska city of Alliance has accepted an unusual gift - control of Carhenge, a junk-car tribute to Stonehenge in England. The monument, which was built in 1987, is composed of 38 vehicles and on Oct. 1 will become property of the city.

Around 80,000 people visit Carhenge every year, and, of course, if it doesn’t rust away, in 3,000 years that number could grow.

Julie Dacus, a tourist from Salt Lake City, explains, "I went to Stonehenge and we got to go inside the stones and kind of experience the full thing. And, I was really surprised when I got here and walked into the middle of those cars, it was the exact same feeling as when I was in Stonehenge. It was kind of spooky.”

If you can’t travel to England to visit Stonehenge, perhaps the next best thing is Carhenge. It’s located near Alliance, Nebraska.