The Pompidou Center Preps “Planet Marker” for Fall

The Pompidou Center Preps “Planet Marker” for Fall
(Courtesy Centre Pompidou)

From October 16 to December 16, 2013, the Pompidou Center will present “Planet Marker,”  a wide-ranging retrospective of the work of Chris Marker, filmmaker, video artist, visual artist, writer, and creator, who died in July 2012. Films, videos, installations, books, CD-roms, and websites will be part of the event schedule. “Chris Marker was part of all the cultural and technological revolutions,” the museum said in a press release. “Today his work is still just as alive and current and remains a source of inspiration for numerous artists the world over.”

With almost 200 films and videos, the cinematic programming will offer a unique perspective on Marker’s work. Divided into several “Markerian zones” (“When the Century Took Shape,” “The Use of the World,” “Japanisms,” “Sovietisms,” “Views of the Worker’s World,” “Resistances,” and “Canal Chris”), the works in the show will include Marker’s own films, films in which he participated, and movies “that he loved, defended, or inspired.” This last category includes Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo,” Alain Resnais’s “Je t’aime, je t’aime,” Isaac Julien’s “Territories,” and Alexander Medvedkin’s “Happiness.” Some films will be introduced by filmmakers, actors, and intellectuals, including Agnès Varda, Isild Le Besco, Bernard Eisenschitz, and Régis Debray.


An exhibition will focus on Marker’s literary and multimedia production through installations, sites, and collections in the Pompidou Center, with which Marker regularly collaborated starting in 1978. Every Saturday evening at 6:30, a series of discussions of Marker’s work will feature participants including Paul Paviot, Kiki Picasso, Hervé Serry, and Agnès de Cayeux. “Planet Marker” will also involve readings at the Pompidou Center’s library and will include several new sound creations and multimedia performances in homage to Marker’s science-fiction film “La Jetée” (which inspired Terry Gilliam’s “Twelve Monkeys”).

The emphasis of “Planet Marker” is firmly on cinema, and it coincides with the re-release of several of Marker’s films in the theater and in restored versions on DVD. These two months of celebration will offer a chance to see “Sans Soleil,” “Level Five,” “Letters from Siberia,” “La Jetée,” “Junkopia,” “Le Fond de l’Air Est Rouge,” “Vive la Baleine,” “The Last Bolshevik,” “Le Joli Mai,” “Far from Vietnam,” and “Sunday in Peking.”