VIDEO: Robert Irwin Veils the Whitney in Light

The Whitney Museum’s fourth floor gallery diffuses in natural light once again with Robert Irwin’s reinstallation of “Scrim Veil — Black Rectangle — Natural Light.”



Initially presented at the Whitney more than 35 years ago, the site-specific installation (or rather "site-conditioned", as the California artist defines it) transforms the entire fourth floor with a semi-translucent white scrim, a metal bar, and a thin black line painted on the wall around the 117-foot long space. The gallery’s Madison Avenue window is the only light source that illuminates the environment. The 1977 exhibition was pivotal to Irwin’s career as it set the course for his subsequent practices of conditioning art to its surroundings and enhancing the viewer’s perceptual experience.


Blouin ARTINFO caught up with Irwin during a Q & A session at the Whitney, where he spoke about the iconic architectural space and its influence on this massive installation.