VIDEO: Celebrating Walker Evans At MoMA

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Museum of Modern Art's first solo photography show, MoMA brings back that landmark Walker Evans 1938 exhibition and its accompanying book of the same title, “Walker Evans American Photographs”.

Evans is best known for his monochromatic prints portraying the transformation of American life during an era of economic depression and political change. For the current exhibition, more than 60 prints from Evans’s original show are reinstalled in the museum’s Painting and Sculpture Galleries. To maintain the spirit of the initial presentation, the space is divided into two sections: the first area explores American society through individuals and their environment, and the second examines the expression of cultural identity through architecture.


Curator Sarah Hermanson Meister spoke with Blouin ARTINFO about the allure behind Evans’s epochal prints and his trademark photographic style.

The exhibition runs through January 26, 2014.