Christie's Preps All-Kate Moss Sale, BMW Bails on Gugg Lab, and More

Christie's Preps All-Kate Moss Sale, BMW Bails on Gugg Lab, and More
Juergen Teller, "Kate Moss, Paris," 1994
(Christie's Images LTD. 2013)

Kate Moss Takes Christie’s: The art world’s obsession with Kate Moss has erupted into a full-blown Christie’s auction dedicated to art inspired by the supermodel. Art collector Gert Elfering has curated the sale slated for September, which will feature photographs, paintings, sculptures, collages, and a tapestry. "Kate is the ultimate modern muse and we will be seeing her images in major museums and private collections for years to come," Elfering said. "She has altered perceptions for women across the globe, encouraging them towards greater individuality and expressive freedom. There is so much you can learn from Kate — how you should always remain true to yourself, develop your own style, and emphasise your individuality." [Vogue]

BMW Bails on Guggenheim Lab: Though the Guggenheim's international pop-up pavilion project the BMW Guggenheim Lab, which has so far made stops in Mumbai, Berlin, New York, was scheduled to run through 2016, the German automaker has withdrawn its support for the project, forcing its early termination after the presentation in India. "Things change," said Thomas Girst, the head of cultural engagement at BMW. "But we’re still holding hands with the Guggenheim." An exhibition at New York's Guggenheim Museum chronicling the two-year project will open in October. [NYT]


Alec Baldwin, Photo Gallerist?: After trying his hand (and eye) as a curator with an exhibition of celebrity photography that opened at Gallery 151 in Chelsea on Monday, actor Alec Baldwin thinks he may be ready to open a gallery. "If you're not going to sell shirts with polo ponies on them and make a billion dollars, then sell something you really dig," Baldwin said. "With art, I'm tempted." As far as a location for the as-yet unnamed space, he's looking in Tribeca: "I'm interested in the photography market right now and we've slowly looked [for a gallery space]." [WSJ, WSJ]

Baltimore Contemporary Reboots: Eighteen months after it closed its doors and laid off its five staff members, Baltimore's Contemporary Museum is relaunching as The Contemporary, a roving curatorial project that will stage pop-up exhibitions throughout the city. "For a long time, the Contemporary was questioning whether it really needed to be here," said Deana Haggag, the museum's director and only remaining staffer. "The landscape of the city has changed drastically in the 20 years since the museum was started. We have many more arts institutions than we had then, and it's a really scary time for the arts to try to raise money and survive." [Baltimore Sun]

Art History Ph.D.s Need Real World Experience: UCLA and LACMA have teamed up to create the Art History Practicum Initiative, a program that seeks to integrate the classroom and the art museum in the education of Ph.D. students. The program hopes to better prepare students for art world careers and will require that they spend half their time at UCLA and the other half at LACMA. "It is not uncommon for students to complete this training without exposure to actual works of art beyond the most superficial encounter," said professor Miwon Kwon, chair of the Department of Art History at UCLA. "Despite the fact that the starting point of art history is the work of art, the discipline fails to require students to actively interact with the very pieces they are studying." [Today UCLA]

New Director in Gwangju: Jessica Morgan, current Tate Modern curator of international art, has been appointed the director of the 10th Gwangju Biennale, which will take place in South Korea next year. [ArtReview]

Eyal Ofer Makes an Offer: Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer has donated £10 million to the new Tate Modern extension and the museum has promised to name the level 3 east galleries after him. [Guardian]

Jay-Z Buys Swizz Beatz's Basquiat Homage: Rapper Jay-Z bought a drippy, realist portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat that his friend, the producer and collector Swizz Beatz, had painted on the hood of a Mercedes for an undisclosed sum. [Vibe]

Museum Guide Robot Cannot Compute: Honda's bubble-headed bot Asimo is apparently not doing so well in its new job as a guide at the Miraikan Science Museum in Tokyo, where visitors have to write down their questions or select them on a touch-screen panel before the cybernetic docent responds. [AP]


Asimo the museum tour guide robot in action


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