5 Films and TV Shows to Stream Over the Holiday Weekend

5 Films and TV Shows to Stream Over the Holiday Weekend
Paul Rudd and Zak Orth in "Wet Hot American Summer"

With July 4th comes the realization that we’ve made it to the heart of the summer. While the holiday inconveniently takes place on a Thursday this year, chances are a lot of you are going to take Friday off and turn the weekend into a four-day-long break from work. For those feeling particularly lazy or unwilling to deal with the heat, here are five films and television shows to stream on Hulu and/or Netflix this weekend.

“Wet Hot American Summer”


Just look at the name! The cult classic follows the hilarious hi-jinx of the staff at a Jewish summer camp in 1981, all trying to squeeze in that last elusive hook-up before the season comes to an end. Just as much fun (and definitely funnier) than your old camp memories.

Available on: Netflix


Like “Lord of the Flies,” only the with Japanese gangsters. The crime film -- which was written, directed, and stars Takeshi Kitano -- follows a group of gangsters who are forced into hiding on a remote island after a turf war gets out of hand. Entrancing, surprising, and touching, the film’s one that will stick with you.

Available on: Hulu and Netflix

“George Washington”

An incredibly moving film about how one boy’s mistakes causes a group of young friends to grow up fast one summer. The methodical film was the breakthrough for director David Gordon Green, who would go on to direct the extremely different “Pineapple Express” and “Your Highness.”

Available on: Hulu

“Pretty Little Liars”

The television equivalent of a beach read, this high school-set mystery focuses on four girls who are being blackmailed the year after the leader of their clique suddenly disappeared. It’s sordid and intensely watchable at the same time, and an easy way to lose track of a dozen or so hours of your time.

Available on: Netflix

“Breaking Bad”

Maybe our favorite show on television, the bleak drama may not be set entirely during the summer, but the series’ suffocating desert setting -- one which few shows or movies have used as effectively -- makes it feel as if it might as well be. Plus, with the show coming back for its final half season on August 11, there's no better time to start catching up.

Available on: Netflix