VIDEO: An Homage to Ken Price at the Met

Before his death in 2012, Ken Price redefined contemporary sculpture with his ever-changing techniques to create iridescent ceramics that transcended traditional boundaries. “Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the first major museum exhibition of the Los Angeles artist in New York.

Price dabbled in various forms and scale. From cups embellished with turtles to abstract geometric works resembling urban architecture, Price’s clay sculptures grew more elaborate later in his life when he incorporated complex layers of color glazes that were sanded to achieve a speckled, almost prismatic, effect.

Although Price did not live to oversee the final installation at the Met, his close friend and renowned architect, Frank Gehry, worked with him on the exhibit and designed a number of wood cases and vitrines to showcase more than 60 sculptures dating from 1959 to 2012.

Metropolitan Museum curator Marla Prather and Price’s son Jackson Price met with Blouin ARTINFO to share Price’s groundbreaking works and celebrate his heralded 50-year career.