From Art to Fashion: Maurizio Cattelan Partners with MSGM

Three samples of Maurizio Cattelan's colorful sweatshirt collection for MSGM.
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With the onset of summer and temperatures creeping upwards into infernal territories, what better time for a capsule collection of ironic artist-designed sweatshirts? Italian nu-wave streetwear label MSGM figured as much when they plumbed the archives of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari’s irreverent pomo bible, Toilet Paper magazine, to create a line of ten unisex sweatshirts.

The art world provocateur, publisher, and microgallerist — who announced his early retirement from art-making with 2011’s critically aspersed Guggenheim retrospective — gave MSGM founder Massimo Giorgetti carte blanche to select whichever images he wanted for the big, bold, old-school Benetton-esque pullovers. The sherbet-colored crewnecks emblazoned with pop surrealistic imagery — from a frog pressed between hamburger buns to “I Love You” writ in steak knives and equine gizzard, to sunflowers emerging from bulb syringes. Could this foray into fashion be a soft comeback for the retired artist? “Making Toilet Paper is still something that moves my floor [loose translation: rocks my world],” he told Vogue, “so that I don’t desire to leave the game for now!”

Should Cattelan's fun — albeit seasonally inappropriate — sweatshirts move your floor, they retail between $230-370 at,,,, Our only lament is that we wish he had made crop-tops instead.

See a slideshow of Maurizio Cattelan's sweatshirt designs for MSGM