Seoul’s Latest Digital Festival Hosted on World’s Largest Canvas

Seoul’s Latest Digital Festival Hosted on World’s Largest Canvas
An artwork is displayed on the media canvas façade of Seoul Square
(Courtesy Gana Art)

SEOUL — Tech-forward South Korea’s latest artistic venture will take place at the capital’s center stage: on the massive, 99x78 meter “media canvas” of Seoul Square. The Gana Art-run 42,000-LED display will host a digital art festival from April 15 to June 30 in collaboration with IADG (International Art Directors Group), a creative agency here.

The festival will be an opportunity to showcase local artists, starting with the work of Minji Kang, Do mino, Chiwon Lee, Jisuk Jung, and Dongseok Ha. The five will display thematically nature-focused work on Seoul Square for 15 days from April 15.

During that time, IADG will accept submissions from other artists to participate in the remainder of the festival through June (each work will receive two weeks run time), which will be dedicated to themes of “city,” “people,” and “dreams.”

As the architectural canvas was built for moving images, artists who typically work in still drawings and graphics will receive free funding to transform their submissions into video format for the festival.

“The truly distinguishing factor of this festival is that it carries an open gallery feel that breaks typical exhibit methods,” Gana Art said.

Other artworks have previously been shown on the façade of Seoul Square since it was unveiled in 2009, including Julian Opie’s “People Walking” and embassy-sponsored national exhibitions by Germany and Switzerland. The remainder of the office building also bares artistic hallmarks, featuring installation works by David Gerstein, Ron Arad, and local photographer Bae Bien-U.

Seoul Square is located across the street from major transportation hub Seoul Station and its Japanese colonial-era (1910-1945) former building, now repurposed as the multidisciplinary Culture Station Seoul 284.