VIDEO: Cindy Kleine and Andre Gregory On Their Film "Before and After Dinner"

André Gregory is a born storyteller, so much so that an entire film, “My Dinner with André,” was built around his oratory prowess. At the age of 78, you’d think that a person with the gift of gab would run out of things to say, or at least get tired of saying them. But this notion is debunked rather quickly in “André Gregory: Before and After Dinner,” opening at Film Forum Wednesday. Tracing the artist’s life from his early childhood to his staggering influence on modern theater to his recent immersion in the world of painting, filmmaker Cindy Kleine (who is also Gregory’s wife) crafts a personal mosaic of these various strands, a film as much about her as it is about Gregory. The audience is left with a moving and emotional love story, or rather a set of them – about Gregory’s relationship with the theater, with collaborators, and, most importantly, with his wife. One of the things Kleine set out to do with the film, she told ARTINFO’s Craig Hubert in an interview, was to present a portrait of a happy marriage. “We never fight,” Gregory told us after the interview. “Except about music,” Kleine quickly interjected. She hates it when he plays classical, and he can’t stand rock ’n’ roll.