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Soon-to-Launch Online Biennale Includes 180 Artists, Will Charge for Admission

Soon-to-Launch Online Biennale Includes 180 Artists, Will Charge for Admission
Nathalie Haveman David Dehaeck
(Courtesy ART+)

BiennaleOnline, which claims to be the first art biennial taking place entirely on the Internet, has just released its inaugural list of artists. In total, 180 will take part in this first edition, which will officially open on April 26, 2013.

This new venture is part of the art world’s increasing use of the digital space. With various sorts of art commerce sites making headlines, it seems logical that a non-selling, biennial-type of event should follow suit. BiennaleOnline’s founders David Dehaeck and Nathalie Haveman identified the niche and launched the umbrella organization responsible for the biennial, ART+, in 2012.

BiennaleOnline hopes to distinguiss itself by its very high-profile curatorial team. Among the 30 curators who helped pick this year’s participants are such heavy-hitters are deputy director of New York’s Jewish Museum Jens Hoffman, the Serpentine Gallery’s director of exhibitions Hans Ulrich Obrist, and Moderna Museet director Daniel Birnbaum, as well as independent curators Adriano Pedrosa and Catherine DavidEach curator selected five artists, one for each category — photography, new media, installation, performance, and traditional media (painting, drawing, sculpture) — and had to include at least two from their own country.

The BiennaleOnline focuses on emerging art and gathers such rising stars as Ed Atkins, Michael Dean, Nina Canell, and Sophie Bueno Boutellier. More established figures like the Lebanese artist Tony Chakar and Icelandic star Ragnar Kjartansson will also take part.

The whole operation is given an extra layer of seriousness by its artistic director Jan Hoet. The Documenta IX curator and founder of SMAK in Ghent is responsible for putting together a separate online exhibition as part of the show, which will include 25 artists and be entitled “Reflection and Imagination.” “Great contemporary art is the sum of reflection and imagination,” commented Hoet. “The artist adds his or her personal vision to history and the memory of history. I hope this combination of factors will be present in every single work in this biennale. In this way we’ll come to a new world and new art.

The BiennaleOnline’s preview is slated for April 19 for visitors ready to shell out $80 to log on, and will continue until April 25. Admission rates will drop to $10 thereafter. The biennial will remain accessible online until October 14, and the artists will share 30 percent of the ticket sales revenue.

Full List of Artists

Meriç Algün

Ringborg Edgardob Aragon

Francesco Arena

Marcela Armas  

Ed Atkins  

Niclas Bacal  

Guy Bar Amotz  

Wojciech B?kowski  

Eduardo Basualdo  

Stefania Batoeva  

Atul Bhalla  

Beni Bischof  

Rossella Biscotti  

Lucas Blalock  

Katinka Bock  

Gwenneth Boelens  

Thomas Bogaert  

Pawet Bownik  

Veronica Brovall  

Michal Budny  

Sophie Bueno Boutellier  

Giuseppe Campuzano  

Nina Canell  

Francesco Cavaliere  

Tony Chakar  

Rosa Chancho  

Alejandro Chaskielberg  

Jeanette Chávez   

Chieh-Jen Chen  

Wei Chen  

Paolo Chiasera  

Vaast Colson  

Sarah Conoway  

Michael Dean  

Koenraad Dedobbeleer  

Raphaëlle de Groot  

Edith Dekyndt  

Virginia De Medeiros  

Liz Deschenes  

Jessica Dickinson  

Aleksandra Domanovic  

Eitan Efrat  

Nezaket Ekici  

Charlie Engman  

Ruth Ewan  

Sirah Foighel Brutmann  

Linda Fregni  

Nagler Leyla Gediz  

Mariam Ghani  

Babak Golkar  

Kristin Grey Apple  

Meta Grgurevi?  

Osang Gwon  


Petrit Halilaj  

Susan Hefuna  

Thomas Helbig  

Calle Holck  

Jonathan Horowitz  

Vlatka Horvat  

Carlos Irijalba  

Fritzia Irizar  

Sarah Anne Johnson  

Zin Ki Jong  

Regina José Galindo  

Leja Juriši?  

Nikita Kadan  

Franka Kassner  

Ragnar Kjartansson  

Thomas Kratz  

Sheung-Chi Kwan  

Olivier Laric  

Guillaume Leblon  

Changwon Lee  

Sojung Lee  


Gauthier Leroy  

Ellen Lesperance  

Hanna Lidén  

Shiga Lieko  

Minouk Lim  

Ryan Lobo  

Jarbas Lopes  

Nicola Lopez  

Maider Lopez  

Desire Machine Collective  

Kevin Mancera  

Luiza Margan  

Taus Makhacheva  

Maria Marshall  

Hiroyuki Masuyama  

Manuel Mathar  

Mediengruppe Bitnik  

Wesley Meuris  

Maro Michalakakos  

Mikael Mikael  

Adrien Missika  

Marge Monko  

Ivan Moudov  

Carter Mull  

Marina Naprushkina  

Otobong Nkanga  

Uri Nir  Navid Nuur  

Christine Ödlund  

Ahmet Ogut  

Teatro Ojo  

Nikolay Oleynikov  

Daniela Ortiz  

Sener Özmen  

Amilkar Packer  

Anna Parkina  

Slawomir Pawszak  

Kiko Perez  

Dulce Pinzón  

Falke Pisano  

Frédéric Platéus  

Sharon Poliakin  

Paloma Polo  

Agnieszka Polska  

Nicolas Provost  

Michael+Florian Quistrebert  

Shiming Qiu  

Timofey Radya  

Camila Ramirez  

Lucy Raven  

Teja Reba  

Mandla Reuter  

Beau Rhee  

James Richards  

Evariste Richer  


Analia Saban  

Jeremy Shaw  

Praneet Soi  

Julia Spinola  

Corin Sworn  

Alberto Tadiello  

Pilva Takala  

L.N. Tallur  

Zin Taylor  

Angelica Teuta  

James T. Hong  

Clarissa Tossin  

Katerina Undo  

Ignacio Uriarte  

Joris van de Moortel  

Jan van Imschoot  

Stela Vasileva  

Yvonne Venegas  

Ben Vickers  

Vincent Vulsma  

Suse Weber  

Pavel Wolberg  

Zorka Wollny  

Chung-Yu Wong  

Wai-Yin Wong  

Jui-Chung Yao  

Samira Yamin  

Xiang Yang  

Weili Yeh  

Masha Yozefpolsky  

Cheng-Ta Yu  

Tobias Zielony