WEEK IN REVIEW: From TEFAF to LACMOCA, Our Top Visual Arts Stories, March 9-15

WEEK IN REVIEW: From TEFAF to LACMOCA, Our Top Visual Arts Stories, March 9-15
MOCA Los Angeles
(Courtesy sharium via Flickr)

— Coline Milliard offered an early look at the highlights from TEFAF, and then picked her 10 favorite booths at the European art, antiques, jewelry, and design fair. Judd Tully gave a snapshot of sales on the first day.

— Shane Ferro wrote about MOCA Los Angeles's merger plans with the National Gallery of Art, which would appear to have been the result of an effort by billionaire collector Eli Broad to avoid a LACMA takeover.


— Rachel Corbett looked into the new German art business Foundation, which advances cash to smaller galleries while they await for payment on sold works.

Alexander Forbes spoke to installation artist and painter Katharina Grosse, whose new exhibition at the Museum De Pont in the Netherlands is uncharacteristically full of canvases.

— Judd Tully analyzed how new models and initiatives, like private sales and intensified investment in Asia, are changing the ways that Christie's and Sotheby's are doing business.

ARTINFO France's Céline Piettre visited the French Academy in Rome's Villa Medici, where abstract master Pierre Soulages, 93, has a major solo show of all-new work.

— Meticulous painter of cinematic cut-away scenes populated by scantily-clad women Hilary Harkness discussed her work on the occasion of her major solo show at the FLAG Art Foundation.

— Judith Gura parsed the design auction results from 2012 in an effort to determine whether or not the market had reached an equilibrium.

Peter Fischli discussed installing “Rock on Top of Another Rock” in London's Kensington Gardens, a project that began four years ago, before the death of his partner-in-art David Weiss.

Catherine Opie talked to Yasmine Mohseni, shedding light on her new show at Regen Projects, which draws on art historical greats including Hans Holbein and Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn.