Nicole Kidman on Her First Reaction to "Stoker"

Nicole Kidman on Her First Reaction to "Stoker"
Nicole Kidman presenting at the 85th Academy Awards in Los Angeles February 24, 2013.
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LOS ANGELES — Wentworth Miller quickly made a name for himself in Hollywood after starring on the TV show “Prison Break” as Michael Scofield, a character who intentially commits a crime to be incarcerated to save his brother who is in jail for a violent act he was set up for.

The unassuming actor took a break from the industry after the series ended. However, he’s about to make a comeback, but not on the small screen – he’s making his writing debut in the new mystery thriller “Stoker.”


According to Wikipedia, he wrote the screenplay under the pseudonym name Ted Foulke, explaining, “I just wanted the scripts to sink or swim on their own.”

The movie is about a teenage girl (Mia Wasikowska) who is forced to deal with her uncle, Charlie (Matthew Goode), who she didn’t know existed after her father dies. As she becomes increasingly obsessed with him, her mother (Nicole Kidman) remains aloof about the situation. The characters, though, are not who they appear to be and throughout the film, their real motivations unravel and become apparent.

Kidman admitted she loved the script instantaneously but it took her awhile to fully comprehend the complexity of the story.

“I had to read it a couple of times to understand it just because it’s got a lot of subtext and layers and stuff, so I just wanted to kind of absorb what the overall feeling of it was,” the Australian native told a group of reporters at a press conference the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles.

Miller has said the he was influenced by Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” but elucidated that it’s not a vampire story but rather a horror film, a family drama, and a psychological thriller.

South Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park, who makes his American directorial debut with “Stoker,” joined Kidman at the press conference and said he enjoyed the intricacy of the story.

“You could say that evil is contagious in that we have this mesmerizing mentor in Uncle Charlie who would come into your life and every person has a seed of evil inside and when you come across such a mesmerizing mentor, he’s able to successfully turn that into a flower of evil,” Park said.

“Stoker” opens in theaters on Friday, March 1.