From Bob Dylan to Franz Liszt: ARTINFO's Top 10 Music Biopics of All Time

Christian Bale in the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There"
(© Diaphana Films)

When portraying the life of a famous figure on screen, especially one with a colorful history, it’s easy to veer into caricature. The music biopic is the most difficult to get right – how many times has a performance seemed more like a parody, or a great imitation? In a music biopic, an actor has to capture a dual life, one on stage and one off, while the filmmaker needs to make a film that somehow taps into the energy of the music  a quiet film about a loud singer is off-putting. In honor of David Mamet’s upcoming HBO biopic on the life of Phil Spector, ARTINFO has compiled the 10 best music biopics of all time.

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