Cartier Multitasks With Two-in-One Jewelry Timepieces

Cartier Multitasks With Two-in-One Jewelry Timepieces
Tortue secrète de Cartier watch, diamond-paved version
(Jean-Jacques Pallot © Cartier 2013)

Presented at SIHH 2013 last week, Les Heures Fabuleuses is a new watch collection by Cartier adhering to a Surrealist manifesto: “This is not a watch!”

Using a playful bestiary that includes a snake, a frog, and an elephant, Cartier’s new collection offers watches that can metamorphose into a brooch, a pendant, or a ring: A diamond snake slips off the face of a black enamel dial to glide over a lapel as a brooch, a tortoise-shell bracelet studded with diamond scales hides a timepiece, a bejeweled peacock flies off its mother-of pearl marquetry face to become a brooch.

Each jewelry timepiece is exquisitely and vividly designed, such as a small parrot ring with ruffled diamond feathers, a mother-of-pearl beak, and emerald eyes.

While most attention is garnered by the mastery of the design enabling one piece to work in two or three different ways, part of Cartier’s Les Heures Fabuleuses collection includes non-transformable pieces, which are still truly unique in their design. The Envol d’un Phoenix watch offers a diamond phoenix with outspread wings hugging the curves of a violet mother-of-pearl face adorned with feather motifs. His flight follows the movement oscillations. The Baguette Panthère watch presents an adorable little diamond panther clinging to the flank of a watch with a miniature face.

To see the collection click on this slideshow.