ONE-LINE REVIEWS: Pithy Takes on Paul Laffoley, Marco Rios, Meg Webster, Others

A detail of Paul Laffoley's "The Five Principles of Geezer Art," 2003
(Photo by Allison Meier)

Once again, our tireless staff has set off around our New York offices, charged with the task of reviewing the art they saw in a single (sometimes run-on) sentence. Click on the slideshow for:

— Paul Laffoley, at Kent Fine Art LLC, reviewed by Allison Meier

— “Latin American Photobook” at Aperture Foundation, reviewed by Sara Roffino

— Marco Rios, at Simon Preston Gallery, reviewed by Ben-19076">Ben Davis

— “This is THIS,” at Zach Feuer, reviewed by Terri Ciccone

— Johanna Unzueta, at Johannes Vogt Gallery, reviewed by Ben-19076">Benjamin Sutton

— Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, at David Nolan, reviewed by Lori Fredrickson

— Meg Webster, at Paula Cooper, reviewed by Shane Ferro