The Cats of Street Art, From Hanksy's "Ferrell" Felines to Norway's Kitty Riot

Hanksy’s Ferrell Cats
(hobowhale via Flickr)

We have come to terms with the fact that the Internet was created as a vehicle to connect people across the world using cat images, cat videos, and cat memes. But this holiday season let's reflect on a simpler time, a time when people left their computers to immortalize their kitty companions on city walls rather than the ephemeral abyss of YouTube. 

We’ve taken a moment to round up this ancient art practice — we’re pretty sure some of the first hieroglyphics translated from the Rosetta Stone read “I can has cheezburger” — and bring them to you all wrapped up as one big shiny present. Yes, here, gentle reader, are the cats of street art. Don't say we didn't get you anything for Christmas.

To view our round-up of The Cats of Street Art,click on the slideshow.