Week in Review: Art World Job Hunting Tips, Yoko Ono's Raunchy Fashion, and More

Week in Review: Art World Job Hunting Tips, Yoko Ono's Raunchy Fashion, and More
Hashima Island or "Battleship Island" in Nagasaki, Japan
(Photo courtesy rwoan via Flickr / Illustration by ARTINFO)

Our most-talked-about stories in Visual Art, Design & Architecture, Fashion & Style, and Performing Arts, November 26 - 30, 2012:


— Art recruitment maven Sophie Macpherson shared 10 tips for job hunters wanting to break into the art world with ARTINFO UK.


— Thrift store trash could be art history treasure, and Terri Ciccone chronicled some of the most astounding second-hand art finds, from Ansel Adams to Renoir.

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— As the initially speculative Art Basel Miami Beach passes the decade mark next week, Rachel Corbett explored whether Atlantic City could similarly make a successful art name for itself.

— Fueled by outcry against recent reviews by Ken Johnson, hundreds of people, including prominent artists and art historians, signed a petition criticizing the art reviews of the New York Times, with signature tripling in size by the middle of the week


— Kelly Chan looked at the Japanese island holding an abandoned modernist architectural experiment that is featured as the villain’s lair in the new James Bond film “Skyfall.”

— Tomorrow the Morphosis-designed Perot Museum of Nature and Science, named for Ross Perot’s family’s multi-million dollar donation, opens in Dallas.

Michael Bloomberg’s under-the-radar disaster housing program was revealed, and Janelle Zara read up on the shipping container units.

— The MoMA acquired the first of 14 video games on curator Paolo Antonelli’s wishlist, including Myst, SimCity, and Passage.

— Object Lessons started its weekly holiday gift guide with the Cecilia Gimenez’s “Ecce Homo” rogue restoration veladoras candle.


Pirelli’s new calendar has a new vision with its 2013 photographer Steve Mccurry, one that involves clothes and models who aren’t models at all.

— After designer Christopher Kane departed his post at Versus, Versace’s second line shakes things up with collaborations and androgyny.

— This week Yoko Ono’s shamelessly raunchy menswear line for Opening Ceremony was unveiled.

— The globetrotting spectacle “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk” will hit the Brooklyn Museum with its animatronic mannequins and three decades of Gaultier’s canonic couture next October.

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger was opulently styled in Saint Laurent Paris for the group’s 50th anniversary reunion show.


Nathan Englander’s “The Twenty-Seventh Man” is currently running at the Public in New York, and Craig Hubert talked to the writer about his new Russian prison-set play.

— With his new video for “Feel So Real,” Bryan Hood wrote that producer Unicorn Kid finally perfected his cyberpunk vibe.

Iggy Pop collaborated with Ke$ha for her upcoming “Warrior” album, and in honor of the weirdness Craig Hubert listed 10 of the often-shirtless rock star’s strangest duets.

— To mark the Black Keys’s settlement with Pizza Hut and Home Depot for their unauthorized uses of songs in advertisements, Craig Hubert offered five more notable examples from commercial history.

NBC announced it has signed “Downtown Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes to develop a project set in New York’s Gilded Age.


— ARTINFO visited Martha Rosler’s “Meta-Monumental Garage Sale” which has its last chance for haggling for art and curios today at MoMA.

Vito Acconci was recently named Design Miami/’s Designer of the Year, and ARTINFO visited the architect and designer’s studio to find out more about his upcoming experiential projects.