24 Artists' Childhood Hand Turkeys as Imagined by the Staff of ARTINFO

As Thanksgiving looms in the very near future, we Americans must brace ourselves for a day of gluttonous binge eating, tryptophan comas, family squabbling, and nebulous gratitude. We also must brace ourselves for the Hand Turkey. For the unitiated, the Hand Turkey is a time-honored American craft tradition where children (or, in our case, goofy adults) trace their hands on a blank surface, then embellish it with telltale turkey signifiers (including but by no means limited to autumnal plumage, a beak, eyes, and wattle). While the interwebs are awash with canonical examples of the Hand Turkey, the plucky editorial staff at ARTINFO has decided to put our own spin on the venerable genre by creating Hand Turkeys in the style of historically significant artists. To compensate for our lack of artistic talent, we decided to imagine the Hand Turkeys these great artists would have made as small children. From Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte's paradoxical language games to Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei's defiant middle finger, we give you ARTINFO's Artist-Themed Hand Turkey Slideshow. 

To see our imagined Hand Turkey creations by famous artists, click through the slideshow