NYC Art Spaces Saluted Obama's Election With Blowtorches and "Poll Dancers"

Brooklyn artists celebrate Obama’s win with a fire-themed performance piece.
(Photo by Lori Fredrickson)

NEW YORK — Rather than wait with fear by the television set, Brooklyn art galleries marked election night by hosting countdown events, trotting out performance art pieces and other attractions, and generally doing their level best to act out the stereotype of godless Blue State heathens. Weaving across the borough, ARTINFO dropped by a patriotic strip-dancer celebration at Acme Studio, a screening party/art show at Front Room gallery, some election history discussions and backyard projections — a.k.a “Election Night Madness” — at City Reliquary, and, last but definitely not least, the carnival-esque festivities at Grace Exhibition Space in Bushwick, which featured about 20 performance artists playing with barbed-wire, megaphones, and various types of fire, while also having themselves branded with hot iron out of excitement. For posterity, we offer a glimpse.

To see images of Brooklyn gallery election coverage, click on the slideshow.