Style Section Flashback: An Incomplete History of New York Times Trend Pieces

The New York Times has got its trend piece formula down. Take a fashion staple that appears to be gaining traction (tailored shorts, skirts, nail polish), and then add one (or all) of these three elements: Shout-outs to Brooklyn denizens seen wearing the look, quotes from stylish young things moonlighting as DJs, graphic designers, or curators, and a generous dose of class anxiety. (Sample quote from a 2008 story on chipped nail polish: “Instead of signifying manual labor, chipped nails may now connote professional fabulousness.”) The Gray Lady’s latest musings on fashion include a piece declaring blouses the new “it” item, and an article proclaiming the “Death of the Dress” a year after giving the look the distinction of being trendy. We rounded up some of the Times’ much-debated, oft-dubious style articles, from the recent discovery of bangs to thoughts on the complicated social implications of canvas tote bags.

Click on the slide show for an incomplete history of New York Times trend pieces.

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