Bracelet Flasks and Confetti Prints: Cynthia Rowley's Spring Celebration

Bracelet Flasks and Confetti Prints: Cynthia Rowley's Spring Celebration
Cynthia Rowley Spring 2013 Fashion Presentation
(Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Celebration was the theme of Cynthia Rowley’s spring 2013 collection — held in the nine-story atrium of a gorgeous abandoned building on New York City’s Beekman Street — and what’s more festive than pastel dresses covered in foil confetti? “We actually photographed the walls in here and then layered on the confetti and foil prints,” Rowley told ARTINFO of the custom pattern splashed across her latest designs. “So it’s like a print and then a foil and another foil bonded. It’s all these layers of processes.” The designer kept the party going with thick, hollow gold bangles that held a secret  — flasks! “You can put water in it,” Rowley said, before we could ask about her bracelet-filler of choice. “It’s just meant to be inventive. It’s artistic.”

Color Palette: Rose, pale blue, cream

Silhouettes: Tiered tank dresses, oversize tees, formal shorts

Materials: Foil-embellished fabrics, sequins, beaded trim

Accessories: Eyeglass chains, trucker hats, flask bracelets

Inspiration: Celebration

The Venue: “Late last year, I saw it but I couldn’t figure out how to make it work so that I could have a lot of people here,” Rowley told us of her spring 2013 presentation venue. “You can’t have a lot of people up there and it seemed sort of silly to just have a runway show here, because you could be anywhere. It’s all about upstairs.” Throughout the show, models stepped off the presentation platform to be led upstairs to the upper balconies where they were photographed. Snapshots of the models were projected on a screen to the partygoers below, who viewed the photos through a shower of foil confetti. 

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