Australian Artist Ash Nathens' Famous Google+ "Scribblegraphs"

Google Plus High Density BING! Machine (sub sonic) by Ash Nathes
(Copyright Ash Nathens)

It all began as a drawing project for his daughter Jasmine, but quickly turned into a global phenomenon.  Thanks to his decision to share his drawings on Google+, Australian artist Ash Nathens’ imaginative illustrations now have thousands of fans from around the world.

The reaction to Nathens’ illustrations, which are now known as “scribblegraphs”, eventually became so overwhelming that he had to create his own announcement-posting machine to keep all his followers up to date with new drawings.  The "gpHDBmss" or the Google Plus High Density BING! machine (sub sonic) was the result of his efforts.

Inspired by his daughter as well as friends and family, Nathens’ cartoonesque illustrations reflect the musings of a passionate father manifested in the illustrations of a talented artist whose main desire is to create happiness.  “I like to tell stories - the crazier the better - I like to watch my daughter's creativity and imagination bounce off mine. That is the true reward of what I'm doing. Having an audience on social media is definitely a wonderfully enriching way to share these parts of myself publicly,” Nathens explains.

When a friend of his asked him to do a drawing for her as a type of “love note” to another member of Google+ - completely anonymously - the idea of the "scribblecrush” project was born.  Requests for his “scribblecrush” service flooded in resulting in images such as ali bales (tea party with a lady bug), which was a request from a mother who wanted something uniquely for her daughter, and daveyoung, which was a request from a wife to her husband for being so incredibly supportive and patient with her while she was working so hard.

littlesister, also in the "scribblecrush" project series, was for Nathens’ sister and best friend who lives in New South Wales. Nathens says that he is “lucky enough to have realised the true value and importance of family - it's something I treasure every day. This one was very meaningful to me and to her.”

Nathens has decided to take advantage of the opportunity to expand his illustration venture even though he is already quite busy being a single dad and working full time as a shirt worker in the medical field. “I am enjoying the ‘scribblecrush’ project, but my passion for this remains with far more detailed illustration with a view to illustrate books. Google+ has opened up many possibilities and put me in touch with so many pro-active people globally,” he said.

To see more of Nathens' work visit his Google+ page here

Click on the slideshow to see images of Nathens “scribblegraphs”