W Magazine Celebrates Fashion Week and American Style

Stefano Tonchi, Nina Lawrence, and Philippe Bonay
(Benjamin Lozovsky/BFAnyc.com)

NEW YORK — After two seasons of celebrating fashion week in the Park Avenue Armory’s vast Wade Thompson Drill Hall, W Magazine decide to go with a more intimate space — a townhouse on 54th Street that has been designated a City Landmark since 1981.

“I think it’s a wonderful, kind of European, warm feeling,” W Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi told ARTINFO at the event last night. “But it is really old New York.”

The occasion, sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre and hosted by W Magazine, was to fête Generation W, what Tonchi referred to as “not the best-dressed list,” but rather a portfolio of “people that we think have great sense of style.” Diane Kruger topped the list, while artists Terisita FernandezRachel Feinstein, and Josephine Meckseper were among the art-world honorees. We ended up breaking the news to China Chow that she was also a part of Generation W.

“I think you better check your facts first,” she told ARTINFO.

“They don’t tell you these things?” we asked.

“No, they don’t,” she answered.

For Tonchi, the list was also commentary on how Americans dress.

“I look at this as a critique of what people say about American style,” said Tonchi. “Americans are very often just for the Casual Friday, and the khakis, and the denim, but actually Americans are not only good at dressing down, they can be good at dressing up.”

A table of decadent desserts lit by candelabras served as the party’s centerpiece. The event was indeed intimate; at one point it was so crowded that guests were literally rubbing elbows with one another. We caught up with the designer Thakoon Panichgul, who held his show on September 8, and asked him what his plans were now that he was finished.

“I’m leaving for Cape Cod in a couple of days,” he told us.

Click on the slide show to see guests at the Generation W party, sponsored by Jaeger-LeCoultre and hosted by W Magazine

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