From a Doomsday Countdown Clock to Perez Hilton Pop Art, See the Covers of GARAGE Magazine's New Issue

Left: A work by John Currin / Right: A cover designed by Elmgreen & Dragset

It's not tattooed genetelia, but it'll do. For the third issue of her art and fashion publication, GARAGE Magazine, editor-in-chief, art patron, and museum director Dasha Zhukova has commissioned five different artist-designed covers, including a limited edition vinyl recording of an inverview between Marc Jacobs and painter John Currin emblazoned with one of the latter's nude paintings. Other works gracing the glossy magazine's cover include an iPhone-era update of Roy Lichtenstein comics-influence Pop art by Nick Knight — with text message by gossip blogger Perez Hilton in place of speech bubbles — and a sculptural cover by conceptual art duo Elmgreen & Dragset that includes a clock counting down to the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21.

The new issue, which boasts interviews with Elmgreen & Dragset and the similarly ireverent New York collective the Bruce High Quality Foundation, also features conversations between Museum of Modern Art director Glenn D. Lowry and urbanist Richard Florida, Performa founder RoseLee Goldberg and conceptual artist Adam Pendelton, and a chat between Zhukova and food painter Wayne Thiebaud.

Readers who don't get their hands on one of the 300 limited-edition Jacobs-Currin records need not fear: the unlikely pair's conversation is also printed in the magazine. "One thing that happens with me is that I get turned off of sex. I don't want to see any girls naked for a while," Currin tells the fashion designer famous for his risqué spreads. "Now I want to bundle them up and cover them in clothes."

The accompanying images, however, conform more or less to the dress code established when Damien Hirst adorned the magazine's first issue with a close-up of the crotch of a woman's vagina tattooed with a butterfly. Currin's cover is very much in the same vein and, unless the unthinkable happens when Elmgreen & Dragset's clock reaches zero, promises similarly provocative artist commissions for forthcoming issues of GARAGE.

To see GARAGE Magazine covers by Elmgreen & Dragset, John Currin, and more, click the slide show. The fall-winter issue hits magazine stands on September 10.