The Tavi Timeline: See Gevinson's Journey From 11-Year-Old Blogger to Big Screen Star

Tavi Gevinson five year timeline
(The Style Rookie)

What’s left to accomplish when you’ve already launched your own must-bookmark teen website and cemented your fashion icon status before you’re old enough to drive? If you’re 16-year-old blogging star Tavi Gevinson, you make it your goal to conquer every creative medium, including film. The Rookie editor landed an acting role in an upcoming drama by Nicole Holofcener of “Friends With Money” fame, the Hollywood Reporter noted last week. Tavi is set to play Chloe, “an only child who never received much attention from her parents, forcing her to grow up faster than her peers,” in the unnamed feature. She’ll be joined by acting pros James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. So how, exactly, did the 10th grader go from suburban middle schooler with a blog to media-mogul-turned-big-screen-star? Our Tavi Timeline details Gevinson’s journey from tween blogging sensation to leading lady.

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