Etsy Artistes: 20 Surprisingly Excellent Avant-Garde Artworks From the Online Craft Mecca

(Illustration by ARTINFO)

Last week, our editors waded through the murky depths of online art community DeviantArt to bring you the best artworks that site had to offer. Now we’ve decided to move on to the next frontier: Etsy, the crafty e-commerce website where cutesy wedding accessories and screen-printed baby onesies tend to outnumber critical works of art. Yet, for every Hunger Games-inspired piece of jewelry, there are talented aspiring artists in a variety of mediums, from photography to quilting.

Our editors have once again spent hours combing through the surprisingly large number of pregnant nudes and Pollock wannabes of the “Art” section of America’s 57th most popular website to gather a collection of artworks that we pretty much kinda like (at least as much as that DeviantArt stuff). Adding together the scores each of our editors assigned the works, we ranked them on a scale of 1 to 100. We’ve written a blurb explaining what we liked about each piece, and when possible, included commentary from the actual Etsy artist. 

To see our picks for the 20 greatest works of art on Etsy, click on the slide show.